CCTrack Solutions is a unique group of FX specialists combining decades of Foreign Exchange experience with state-of-the-art quantitative strategies to solve the Foreign Exchange problem for investors.

After FX Concepts—once the world’s oldest and largest foreign exchange hedge fund—closed its doors at the end of 2013, FX Concepts senior managers Robert “Bob” Savage and Renato “Ron” DiRusso, Goldman Sachs alumni with a decades-long relationship, saw an opportunity. While FX Concepts had its shortcomings, it also had many strengths. Many employees at CCTrack Solutions worked at FX Concepts, and their experience puts CCTrack Solutions in a prime position to capitalize on those strengths. Additional members of the team provide their own unique skills and experiences to further bolster CCTrack Solutions.

CCTrack Solutions started operations in 2014, led by a management team of Bob and Ron, with backing by both Danny Ong Yee (pre-IPO Goldman Sachs partner and founder of the Aktis Hanxi Group) and CITIC Capital Holdings (a Hong Kong-based asset manager with roughly $5.9 billion in AUM).

With a passion for FX, a synergistic team with a long shared history, and a great institutional partner in CITIC Capital, we put our experience to work—all to help you manage FX in the now.

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